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    • Introduce yourself

      Please introduce yourself!

      Let me start, I'm 40ish, male, been a #U2 fan for 30 + years, been to 6 shows, and I've never met the band.

      How about you?
      “I’d join the movement if there was one I could believe in / I’d break bread and wine If there was a church I could receive in.”
    • Hello everyone, this here is Jonathan (aka JaW - my initials). I'm a 38 year old man from Western Pennsylvania and have been a #U2 fan for over 20 years (since 1994). I've been to 6 concerts of theirs spanning 5 different tours (starting with the Popmart Tour here in Pittsburgh in 1997). I'm the webmaster of one of the oldest running U2 fan sites online called U2 Station ( In 2017, I am hoping to celebrate the 20th anniversary since I put up this site. I've also never once gotten close to meeting the band but I hope to meet some U2 fans here on this new forum!
    • Greetings, been around way too long. Too many pseudos to remember now but my days online go back to around '97.

      Been a fan since 1983, have an extensive catalog of official material and a large amount of ROIO. I have been a moderator / administrator / contributor to many U2 fan sites.

      Glad to have been asked to help out here.

      If you go your way and I go mine