The fans sing to U2

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    • The fans sing to U2

      Here's a suggestion: we the fans sing to U2....
      Take a well-known tune e.g. Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls, and re-work the lyrics a bit:
      Lads, you are welcome home tonight
      Back from your latest world tour
      And when you give it all you got
      4 north Dubs you make our rocking world go round, yeah
      4 north Dubs you make our rocking world go round

      If there's a support band, we request them to lead us in this, (we run through a rehearsal before asking the lads on-stage). If there's not, then one or two fans do it. Concert goers should get prior warning so they're familiar with the lyrics and tune.
      Why? Because I often want to express my appreciation with something a bit more eloquent than 'Raaaaar- waaaaaay-yeah'
      And it's something we could do for them, cos they're always doing stuff for us.
      I'll be at 3Arena on 6 November, it'd be great if this started in Dublin. In other places, fans could sing different songs. :)
      And don't forget to pay Queen their royalty.